Writing an e-book isn’t easy, because in addition to having the necessary knowledge about a certain subject, knowing how to write is also essential. This combination is not easily found; this is why more and more people turn to internet and post “looking for e-book writer”. Among the answers turned up by the search engines, one of the most complete is the BANANA00 Marketplace, a modern platform that contains an e-wallet and gives space to this attractive freelance market.

The BANANA00 Marketplace is distinct because it is a very simple work platform, for both the e-book writer and the person looking for one. Registering there is simple and free. The writer posts his profile, adding the description of the work he can do, the time it takes and the price for each e-book. This announcement is immediately published and is visible to all those writing, “looking for e-book writer”.

The person who needs someone to write an e-book will find several offers in the BANANA00 Marketplace. He can review them and analyze the profiles and CVs of each candidate, as well as the price set for an e-book. Once he has found the one most suited to his needs, he gets in touch through BANANA00.

The platform acts as an intermediary during the process, which offers greater guarantees for both parties. Once the person needing an e-book writer reaches an agreement, he sends the money to BANANA00 Marketplace, who holds it and lets the writer know that his money is waiting for the conclusion of the job.

Then, the e-book writer carries out the order of the buyer and delivers the completed e-book. If the buyer is satisfied with the material, then he informs BANANA00 Marketplace of his satisfaction and the marketplace releases the funds into the writer’s account. This way, everyone feels protected. The buyer, because he knows his money will be paid only when he issues his approval of the operation, while the e-book writer knows – even before he writes the first word on the computer – that the money is real and that it is available. It depends entirely on him whether he gets it in the end.

BANANA00 Marketplace charges a 9% commission for each operation, a low percentage when compared to the 20% charged by other similar platforms. In addition, contrary to the competition, BANANA00 doesn’t work with projects, except with prices established by the writer. This platform seems ideal for compulsive buyers who, after approving the quality of the e-book, can order several more.